About the Center

The Nagasaki University Center for Diversity and Inclusion (formerly the Center for Gender Equality; name changed on September 1, 2015) (nicknamed the OMOYAI Center*) was established in the 2010 academic year as a base for promoting gender equality at Nagasaki University. The objectives of the Center are to create an environment in which each teaching and non-teaching staff member, undergraduate student, and graduate student at Nagasaki University can give full play to and enhance their respective abilities, as well as to raise awareness to this end. Aiming towards the realization of these objectives, we implemented an independent program entitled “OMOYAI Campus Support: Nagasaki University Model”. Under this program, three divisions—the “Public Relations/Educational Promotion Division” (formerly “Human Environment Support”), “Work-Life Balance Promotion Division” (formerly “Work-life Balance Support”), and “Female Researcher Support Division” (formerly “Support to Increase Female Researchers”)—were established as pillars, with each division implementing various activities aimed at enhancing the environment and raising awareness through mutual cooperation.

In 2015, Nagasaki University was selected for the grant program “Initiative for Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment,” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) . By bringing diverse and broader perspectives and ideas into the existing activities, and in collaboration with the above mentioned divisions and the “Expert Committee on Nursing Care Support”, we endeavor to further goals to improve research skills of female researchers, support their appointment to leading positions, and establish a work-life balanced environment for teaching and non-teaching staff.

* OMOYAI is a local Kyushu expression meaning “to share” or “to use together companionably”.