OMOYAI Consultation

The center(OMOYAI Center) provides consultation services on balance between research(work) and child-rearing, career designing, etc., for fostering a better environment to work/study. If you wish to receive a consultation, please contact our Consulting Office shown below.
All the consultations are carried out in the strictest confidence with the privacy of the consultees given the utmost respect to enable them to speak frankly with peace of mind.

Consulting Office

Nagasaki University Center for Diversity and Inclusion (OMOYAI Center)
TEL: +81-95-819-2179 (ext. 2179)

Consultation on “Balance between Work and Nursing Care”

Consultation Service on “Balance between Work and Nursing Care” was launched on November 1, 2015.

We provide counselling on all matters related to nursing care, such as “I don’t know who I should consult”, “I want to know what public services are available”, and “I want to know about the university’s internal support services”.
Regardless of whether or not you already care for your family member, your occupation, and your work style, please feel free to contact our “Nursing Care Concierge”.

Any and all personal information discussed in the consultation will be treated as strictly confidential and its disclosure will be limited to the Center Director and the Nursing Care Concierge, and it won’t be made to others without your prior consent.

Consulting Office

Ngasaki University Center for Diversity and Inclusion (OMOYAI Center)
Nursing Care Concierge
E-mail :
TEL : +81-95-819-2179 (ext.2179)