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About the Center

The Nagasaki University Center for Diversity and Inclusion (formerly the Center for Gender Equality; name changed on September 1, 2015) (nicknamed the OMOYAI Center*) was established in the 2010 academic year as a base for promoting gender equality at Nagasaki University.

The objectives of the Center are to create an environment in which each teaching and non-teaching staff member, undergraduate student, and graduate student at Nagasaki University can give full play to and enhance their respective abilities, as well as to raise awareness to this end.

In 2015, Nagasaki University was selected for the grant program “Initiative for Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment(Distinctive Features Type),” of the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology (MEXT) .

Furthermore, in 2019, in addition to the above-mentioned special type efforts, it was adopted as the “Initiative for Implementation of the Diversity Research Environment( Advanced Type)” and in particular, we focused on creating an environment that facilitates career advancement for female researchers. We support efforts for active promotion to.

* OMOYAI is a local Kyushu expression meaning “to share” or “to use together companionably”.

About the Facilities

The center(OMOYAI Center)is located in the northeast area of Nagasaki University’s Bunkyo Campus. It is equipped with a playroom (with floor heating) that is used when student supporters look after the children of Nagasaki University teaching and non-teaching staff, and students on a temporary basis. The playroom can also be used as a seminar room with a capacity of around 30. Please contact the center if you would like to use these facilities.


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