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Diversity Promotion Learning Program (on-campus only)

Pursuant to Nagasaki University’s Policy Regarding the Implementation of the Diversity Promotion Learning Program, this program aims to engender and encourage among students, faculty, and staff a correct understanding of diversity and an awareness of respect for diversity as members of society.

In order to create an environment in which diversity is respected, and students learning at the University and all those working at it can fully exercise their individual strengths, it is vital that each and every individual understands about unconscious bias and sincerely involves themselves in the prevention of and countermeasures against harassment and acts that violate human dignity.

Furthermore, it is essential that people maintain an ability to envisage the circumstances of those finding life difficult such as people experiencing time constraints due to child-rearing and caring for family members, people with disabilities, and sexual minorities.

The Program is a learning program that aims to create a study and working environment of mutual respect by deepening the understating of diversity among each of the University’s constituent members.

How to attend

Attendance is compulsory for faculty and staff.